Hello friends, long time no see. I’ve decided recently to use this blog as a sort of public archive of my life and the various things (色々) that I am interested in and am learning about as of late. Due to my in-one-ear-out-the-other nature, I think it will be nice to have everything stored in one place here as a stream of consciousness, and available publicly for anyone who is interested to read and learn about these things as well. I am thinking that perhaps the menu options⏤aka the 9 lives (九生) that I am living⏤will be switched out periodically at no particular interval based on what my current interests and fixations are. At this current moment (245pm, June 28, ’22) I have decided the current categories are as follows: iroiro (色々), trips, fashion, design, plants, cars, bikes, scooters, and archive. 色々, iroiro, meaning various things, will be used as a sort of miscellaneous category for different writings and things that do not fall into any of the other 8 categories. Trips as a category will likely contain photo dumps of my travels and short descriptions and stories about them. Fashion will contain my inspirations in design as well as documentation of my learning to create garments, accessories and jewelry. Design: my influences regarding architecture, interior design, and furniture making. For plants, in my new place I have acquired about 30 of them⏤and counting, so I will be documenting my grow processes and updating on their progress. Cars will be updates on the progress of my 240sx and ideas for future endeavors, as well as events and whatnot that I go to such as Final Bout. Bikes will likely be a manual of sorts as well as an encyclopedia of the different types of bikes that I find myself interested in, an archive for the purposes of learning about them so that I can garner enough knowledge to start a chopper project in the (hopefully) near future. Scooters will be with regard to kyuugentsuki, and the progress on my Honda scooter. The archive is largely going to be just that, as well as all-encompassing research on various things related to all categories. I’m greatly looking forward to actually using this site, as I’ve had it for awhile and not known what exactly to do with it. Hope you all learn something along the way!